People Involved

Some of the many who deserve special thanks for playing a key role with their community’s Spirit of America volunteer recognition program:


Albion – Beverly Bradstreet, Selectman

Arrowsic – Sukey Heard, Selectman

Athens – Guy Anton, Selectman

Augusta – Roger Pomerleau, Augusta Spirit of America President

Bath – Marc Meyers, Bath Community Relations Department

Benton – Melissa Patterson, Town Clerk

Bingham – Steven Steward, First Selectman

Boothbay Harbor – Tom Woodin, Town Manager

Bowdoin – Carol Laverdiere, Town Clerk

Bowdoinham – Bill Post, Town Manager

Bremen – Kelly Clancy, Town Clerk

Brooks – Jane McLaughlin, Town Clerk

Bucksport – Susan Lessard, Town Manager

Cambridge – Carol Laplant, Town Clerk

Canaan – Betsy Holt, Assistant to Selectmen

Casco – Dave Morton, Town Manager

Chelsea – Scott Tilton, Town Manager

China – Irene Belanger, Selectman

Clinton – Pam Violette, Town Manager

Cornville – Tammy Chamberlain, Town Clerk

Damariscotta – Matt Lutkus, Town Manager

Detroit – Kathy Walston, Town Clerk

Dresden – Ryan Cote, Dresden Spirit of America Committee Chair

Durham – Ruth Glaeser, Town Administrator

Edgecomb – Michael Smith, Selectman

Exeter – Tressa Smith, Town Manager

Fairfield – John Picchiotti, Town Councilor

Farmingdale – Sandy Choate, Farmingdale Spirit of America President

Fayette – Mark Robinson, Town Manager

Frankfort – Evelyn Adams, Chair of Selectmen

Freedom – Cindy Abbott, Town Clerk

Gardiner – Scott Morelli, Town Manager

Georgetown – Mary McDonald, Assistant to Selectmen

Greene – Tony Reny, Selectman

Guilford – Tom Goulette, Town Manager

Hallowell – Mark Walker, Mayor

Harmony – Bette Pratt, Town Clerk

Hartland – Chris Littlefield, Town Manager

Hiram – Terry Day, Assistant to Selectmen

Jackman – Matthew Pineo, Town Manager

Jackson – Brenda Dennison, Town Clerk

Jefferson – Sharon Morton, Willow Grange Master

Kingfield – Leanna Targett, Administrative Assistant

Leeds – Joyce Pratt, Town Administrative Assistant

Lewiston – Dottie Whittier, Lewiston City Hall

Liberty – Denise Glick, Town Administrator

Limington – Bruce Rozett, Chair of Selectmen

Lincolnville – David Kinney, Town Administrator

Lisbon – Diane Barnes, Town Manager

Livermore Falls – Kristal Flagg, Town Manager

Madison – Tim Curtis, Town Manager

Manchester – Dave Worthing, Manchester Spirit of America President

Mapleton – Jon Frederick, Town Manager

Mercer – Fran Varney, Assistant to Selectmen

Minot – Arlan Saunders, Town Administrator

Montville – Susan Shell, Administrative Assistant to Selectmen

Moose River – Harald Moore, Chair of Selectmen

Mount Vernon – Clyde Dyar, Selectman

New Portland – Stacie Rundlett, Town Manager

Newcastle – Lynn Maloney, Town Administrator

Norridgewock – Richard LaBelle, Town Manager

North Berwick – Dwayne Morin, Town Manager

Northport – Barbara Ashey, Town Administrator

Oakland – Dana Wrigley, Town Councilor

Palermo – Dave Parkman, Branch Mills Grange Master

Palmyra – Vondell Davis, Selectman

Pittsfield – Kathy Ruth, Town Manager

Poland – Nikki Pratt, Town Executive Assistant

Readfield – Robin Lint, Town Clerk

Ripley – Carol Gerald, Town Clerk

Rome – Richard LaBelle, Selectman

Roxbury – Doreen Stinson, Town Clerk

Saco – Roland Michaud, Mayor

Searsmont – Bruce Brierley, Chair of Selectmen

Searsport – James Gilway, Town Manager

Sebec – Carol Cress, Town Clerk

Sidney – Sheila Thorne, Assistant to Selectmen

Skowhegan – Betty Austin, Selectman

Solon – Mary Lou Ridley, Selectman

Somerville – Darlene Landry, Selectman

South Bristol – Bev Eugley, Administrative Assistant

Stockton Springs – Lesley Cosmano, Selectman

St. Albans – Rhonda Stark, Town Manager

Troy – Sharon Moody, Town Clerk

Turner – Kurt Schaub, Town Manager

Union – Jay Feyler, Town Manager

Unity – Sue Lombard, Town Clerk

Vassalboro - Mary Sabins, Town Manager

Vienna – Laura Reville, Mill Stream Grange Officer

Waldoboro –Rick Grotton, Meenahga Grange Officer

Wales – Jessica Siderio, Selectman

Washington – Ann Dean, Town Clerk

Waterboro – Dennis Abbott, Chair of Selectmen

Wayne – Aaron Chrostowsky, Town Manager

West Bath – Adam Garland, Town Administrator

West Gardiner – Greg Couture, Chair of Selectmen

Westport Island – George Richardson, First Selectman

Whitefield – Aaron Miller, Administrative Assistant

Wilton – Diane Dunham, Town Clerk

Windham – Donna Chapman, Chair of Selectmen

Windsor – Theresa Haskell, Town Manager

Winterport – Kathy White, Winterport Woman’s Club President

Winthrop – Sarah Fuller, Town Council Chairman

Wiscasset – Marian Anderson, Town Manager

Woolwich – Lynette Eastman, Town Administrator



Chief county administrators who deserve special thanks for playing a key role with their county’s Spirit of America volunteer recognition program:


Androscoggin – Larry Post

Aroostook – Douglas Beaulieu

Cumberland – Peter Crichton

Kennebec – Robert Devlin

Knox – Andrew Hart

Lincoln – Carrie Kipfer

Oxford – Scott Cole

Sagadahoc – Pamela Hile

Somerset – Dawn DiBlasi

Waldo – Barbara Arseneau

Washington – Betsy Fitzgerald

York – Gregory Zinser